Here is my monthly log covering what I have been doing for Debian in February 2018.

Debian website

Added new files

  • english/security/2018/dsa-4105.{data,wml},
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4108.{data,wml},
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4109.{data,wml},
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4110.{data,wml}
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4112.{data,wml},
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4113.{data,wml},
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4114.{data,wml},
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4115.{data,wml}
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4116.{data,wml},
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4117.{data,wml},
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4121.{data,wml},
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4123.{data,wml}
  • english/security/2018/dsa-4125.{data,wml}

Translated new pages into Russian

Translated historical pages into Russian

Synchronized translated pages with the original ones

Debian packages

Uploaded packages

Debian QA

Properly retitled WNPP bug reports

Debian Mailing Lists, Listarchive Review

Reviewed 235 spam reports.

Other stuff

Migrated my Emacs addons packages (I think 89 packages total) from Alioth to Salsa.